David and Goliath Agency can help your business build a strong brand presence in the online marketplace. Using websites, blogs, and social media networking solutions, we can enhance your presence and your potential clients’ experience with your brand. Our creative team of designers has the expertise to help your brand establish a strong and effective presence within your industry.



One Time3 Custom Web Pages$199 Per Added Web Page3 Custom Layouts$300 Web Text Editor



One Time5 Custom Web Pages$129 Per Added Web Page3 Custom Layouts$400 Web Text Editor



One Time10 Custom Web Pages$99 Per Added Web Page3 Custom LayoutsFREE Web Text Editor

Setup Breakdown

Visibility Report

Our Visibility Reports gather and analyze your online business listings. We find as many citations (mentions of your contact information) as we can for your business on directory sites, social sites, local sites, and more, and provide links to your citations as well as ratings showing the relative importance of each site. You get one Visibility Report upon purchase of a quality package, with a followup report at 60 days and a final Visibility Report at 120 days. Though they also reflect other changes, followup reports show how your online presence has grown with Yoobly.

Strategic Business Profile Creation

We take the time to gather all of your business contact information, including logo, images, videos, products, services, hours of operation, descriptions and much more. Then we broadcast your business listed to all of the trusted business databases that feed the search engines, social networks, online Yellow pages like SuperPages, Yelp, Merchant Circle, GPS navigation services and much more.

Account Management Launch Meeting

You are personally assigned to a top notch account manager who will get to know you, your business, give an overview of what you should expect and work with you over the course of our relationship to formulate and accomplish short and long term goals. Your “Launch Meeting” is the beginning of this process.

Google Analytics Audit & Install

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools your business can use to make critical decisions that will drive your ROI. Installing and understanding Google Analytics is an essential step in measuring and beginning our successful relationship. How many visitors have you received? Has it increased or decreased? What is your bounce rate? Which sites refer people to your site? Where is your traffic coming from? Which keywords is your website getting traffic from? How long people stay on your site? And much more.

Keyword Strategy

Building the light road map based your products, services, topics and keywords plays a critical role in all aspects of social, local and content marketing efforts. The right road map yields the right results.


You only have seconds to make an impression, so we set-up and optimize your blog to convert your traffic into paying customers in the most efficient manor possible.

Marketing Breakdown

Social Media

Social sites are the fastest growing way to attract customers. With an official Facebook page and a Twitter Business profile you’ll be where the prospects are. Auto Blog post feed to Facebook and Twitter make sure customers can check in at your business location on this popular mobile service; drive social referrals and reviews.

Digital Marketing

Profile Creation & Ranking Optimization own and control the most important profile on the web. Lock out competitive profile hijackers with a password protected identity on Google. Ensure visibility of you profile on the other two top search sites, both of which produce significant referrals for your business.

Content Marketing

Creating Quality, Engaging, Professional content has a powerful impact on your business. If you want to get the search engines coming back to your website, it is critical that you are creating quality content. This service provides you with the amount of content related to your specific package and also integrates Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus so that your content goes viral on social networks and builds long term authority and relevancy.

Press Release

Gets your news on news websites like Google News, Yahoo News and more than 30,000 other websites and 30,000 bloggers and journalists.

Reputation Management

The average business owner does not know if positive or negative comments are being made about their services online. Even just one negative comment can cost a business thousands of dollars. Get real time access to our reputation monitoring dashboard and know the minute that something is being said. Make sure that your business information is correct all across the web and take a proactive approach to protecting your number one asset. Also learn bonus strategies for engaging your client base to take time and leave reviews about your service. Turn your reputation into your number one marketing strategy.

Marketing Reports

We’re not a “fly by night” kind of company where you pay a lot of money for our services and then hope that it will produce something. We will provide you with regular reports to show you that our service is working and helping you to build high quality traffic, convert visitors and increase your ROI. We’re in this for the long term and we want you to be too.

Business Citation Broadcasting

Build authority & broadcast your business everywhere. 150 Business Citations, ie. Merchant Circle, Yelp, Judy’s Book, SuperPages etc.

Video Creation & Distribution

We create a professional-looking 30 second video for your business, containing key elements of your business profile along with images (which we can supply), you don’t need to do anything. We syndicate your video to the top ten video sites such as YouTube, Bing Video, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and Viddler, boosting your overall search.